The conference will take place at Palafox Hotel, conveniently located at the heart of Zaragoza, just 800 metres from the Pilar Basilica.

It is located in Calle Marques de Casa Jiménez, within the city's commercial centre, surrounded by activity, in contrast to the atmosphere of its location, a semi-private street which has no traffic, which ensures peace and discretion for its guests. All the hotel's interior design and furniture, provided by the Pascua Ortega Studio, follows the same lines with elements of Aragonese inspiration both in the Bar Coraceros and the Restaurante Aragonia and in the three different categories of its rooms. The Ducal floor is the most outstanding for its sophistication. This decoration is completed with a choice selection of works of art.

Located on the ground floor there are halls for events and conferences. Their most important feature is their flexibility to adapt to any layout thanks to the partitioning system installed in part of the halls.

The halls are prepared for any kind of event, and it is even possible for vehicles to be exhibited inside.

El Atrio and el Foro provide an entrance and foyer to the Salones Victoria, and are used for exhibitions or catering services such as coffees and cocktails.