Confirmed Plenary Lectures

Plenary lectures will be given by the following researchers (in alphabetical order):

Luca Cocolin

Microbial diversity and interactions and wine quality

Università di Torino, Italy

Ana Escudero

Formation and fate of oxidation-related aldehydes.

Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain

James A. Kennedy

Development of tannin activity in grapes and wine.

Constellation Brands, USA

Yorgos Kotseridis

Vine treatments and effects in grape and wine quality

Agricultural University of Athens, Greece

Fulvio Mattivi

State of the art, challenges and perspective of the study of the metabolome of wine and vine

Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy

Francisco Tomás-Barberán

Progress in the understanding of the interaction between gut microbiota and the assimilation of wine bioactive molecules

Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura CEBAS-CSIC, Spain

Dominique Valentin

Expectations and perceptions in wine consumption. Their role in wine acceptability.

Université de Bourgogne, France