Macromolecules and metabolites which make wine magic

We are proud to announce that the International Conference in Wine Sciences “Macrowine 2018” will be held in Zaragoza (Spain) from 28 to 31 May 2018.

The Conference is specialized in the metabolites and macromolecules which make wine to be a magic product. From this starting point, this edition will address how science can help in making better, safer, healthier and more stable and diverse wines in a context strongly restricted by Climate Change.

More concrete goals are making more acceptable, balanced and flavor-rich wines, richer in antioxidants and bioactive molecules, minimizing SO2 while improving stability, and producing smaller levels of alcohol.

The Scientific 888 casinoCommittees have identified 7 principal scientific topics that will be studied in depth to fulfill those goals:

  • Perceptions and emotions in wine consumption
  • Wine sensoactive molecules
  • Metabolites and macromolecules
  • Wine stability: chemistry, microbiology, technology
  • Vine/grape: quality, maturation, treatments, varieties
  • Microbiological diversity and quality
  • Bioactivity and physiology

Additionally, the Organizing Committee will ensure that attendants feel like at home, and have, personally and professionally a pleasant and fulfilling experience


Looking forward to meeting you in Zaragoza




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